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Air Berlin Airline

Air Berlin / LTU Airways

Air Berlin / LTU Airways

The german Air Berlin Airline (before LTU) is my favourite on many conections because of the cheap price. I fly with LTU to Mexico, Dominican Republic in America and many times to Thailand in Asia. The homebase of Air Berlin is Duesseldorf in Germany, from here the International Airways fly to many destinations around the world. The seats are not that big and the service not that good than with some other Airlines but the price is mostly the cheapest. On the long distance flights the board service of Air Berlin serve two meals and one snack. From while to while the service personal come and bring hot and cold beverages. The Airline charge just for alcoholic drinks extra. Softdrings, Coffee, Tea and all other non alcohol beverages are included. The entertaiment system show two movies and some short films on all long distance flights. The german airline is mostly my favourite because they dont charge extra for my diving gear! Check the homepage of AirBerlin, many kind of sport gear you can take for free till 30 kg. It’s perfect for me as a divemaster and as well for many other tourists who don’t want to rent some old sport gear. The planes are always in a good condition, I feel always save on board of the German Airline. One more reason to flight with Air Berlin are the good conections and the widespread net in Europe and world wide.

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