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Buddy Bar Grill Koh Samed

buddy bar samet

Buddy Bar Had Sai Kaew

Buddy Bar and Grill is a beach restaurant at Had Sai Kaeow on Samed Island. It offers BBQ, international and local dishes, seafood and a huge varienty of drinks direct on the white sand of the beautiful beach on Koh Samed in Thailand. The most custumers are tourists who enjoy the view to the Gulf. Here at Buddys Grill and Bar you can relax in the afternoon or take a candlelight dinner for resonable prices.

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Reggae Pub Koh Samet

reggae pub samed

Reggae Pub Koh Samed

Like the most islands in Thailand has Koh Samed as well a nightlife location for rastafaries and reggae fans. The Reggae Pub Ko Samet is located at Had Saikaew beach and from the nice terrace you can view the nice beach, enjoy cold drinks and listen to Bob Marley and from while to while to live music. The Reggae Bar is the best adress for cosy nightlife next to Sai Kaew beach.

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Besenwirtschaft Germany

A Besenwirtschaft is a restaurant which opens some weeks from October to March. The area around Stuttgart in Baden Württemberg is famous for this kind of taverns.

Vine in Germany

Vine in Baden Württemberg

The wine growers serve choice wines like “Federweisser” and typical German plain fare like potato soup, liver, sauerkraut, pork belly, sausage and smoked meat. We went to Grossheppach to the “Am Schlossberg” Besen. If you travel in thus time to Swabia you should not miss a visit at a Besenwirtscht to try cheap and great local food and wines in countrified atmosphere. Become acquainted with the German “Gemütlichkeit” here in Swabia in south west Germany.

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Pussy Cat Dolls Bar Koh Chang

Sexy Thai Ladies in White Sand Beach

Pussy Cat Dolls Koh Chang

Pussy Cat Dolls White Sands

The Pussy Cat Dolls Bar on Koh Chang is located next to the Bar complex in White Sand Beach. There you can meet sexy bar girls and Thai ladies in an unforced atmosphere. The Lady Bar is opposite Chang Buri Resort and in walking distance from the most hotels in White Sands. The pool table is a good chance to come closer to the Thai girls. All beverages and cocktails are served at reasonable prices. Couples and single woman are as well welcome. The Pussy Cat Dolls Girlie Bar is a leading nightlife location for sexy late night entertainment and pool matches on Ko Chang in Thailand. The beautiful Thai bar girls will make your stay a bit sweeter and the cool drinks will make it easy to find a Thai girlfriend on this tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Magic Garden Resort Koh Chang

Magic bungalows in a mystic and tropical environment.

Magic Garden Resort Koh Chang

Magic Garden Resort

Magic Garden is a popular bungalow park and nightlife location in Lonely Beach Koh Chang. The natural beauty and the nice beautiful bar area are unique in Lonely Beach. Backpackers love this peaceful place. Magic Garden Koh Chang offers as well a cinema screen and a good variety of tropical cocktails in a magic atmosphere in an exotic environment. This established accommodation is direct in the center of Ko Chang’s backpacker village Lonely Beach. The bamboo huts are next to the sea which is a good chance to swim in a tropical ocean with 30 degrees water temperature. Magic Garden Resort is a good choice for budget traveler and people who look for natural accommodation in a nice garden in east Thailand.

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Blue Lagoon Koh Chang

Cookery School, accommodation and delicious food!

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Resort Koh Chang

The Blue Lagoon Resort Koh Chang is a cozy hostel with rooms on a mangrove lagoon in Klong Prao Beach. The quiet atmosphere attracts tourists who looking for cheap accommodation on a beautiful site in Thailand. Blue Lagoon Koh Chang has as well a famous Thai cookery school and a yoga center next door. The restaurant over the lagoon serves delicious Thai dishes in a romantic atmosphere which is perfect for candle light dinners in Klong Prao. The landmarks of Blue Lagoon Ko Chang are friendly people, tropical beach and reasonable room and food prices. The coconut palms and the rustic style of blue lagoon make this Resort in Koh Chang to a famous location for tourists who like quiet places with flair.

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Yes Bar Koh Chang

Girlie Bar with sexy Thai Girls on Koh Chang

Yes Girlie Bar Koh Chang

Sign of the Yes Bar

The Yes Bar Koh Chang is in the Bar complex at White Sand Beach and offer sexy nightlife with hot bar girls and cool drinks. The prices are reasonable and the unforced atmosphere attracts couples, single woman and of course singles who looking for flirt able Thai Girls on Ko Chang Island in Thailand. The Yes Bar in White Sands has good music, sexy Thai Bar Girls and a pool table for matches in hot nights on the island in the Gulf. You will find the Yes Girlie Bar in the south of White Sand near the Keeree Ele Hotel. Enjoy this nightlife location and the friendly and sexy staff of this bar in Koh Chang.

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Bar Del Mar Koh Chang

Quiet and romantic nightlife on Koh Chang.

Bar del Mar Koh Chang

Bar Del Mar

Bar del Mar in Klong Prao Beach is located next to The Dewa Resort and offer food and drinks direct on the beach with nice sunset views on Koh Chang. The chilled atmosphere attracts tourists and backpacker who looking for a peaceful place to enjoy slow nightlife on Ko Chang in Thailand. The drinks and food are served at reasonable prices. This wonderful stripe of water is a unique place for romantic evenings and candle light dinner’s on honeymoon or tropical beach holidays in Asia. Bar Del Mar Koh Chang offers also scuba diving tour booking and travel services. At Bar del Mar Klong Prao you can listen to the sound of the waves and the quiet chill music of the speakers. This place is a great location for all who like to relax and come down from the all day life.

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Cafe de Koh Chang

Coffee, Cookies and Internet in White Sand Ko Chang.

Cafe Koh Chang

Cafe de Koh Chang White Sands

The Cafe de Koh Chang is in the center of White Sand Beach. There you can relax by a cup of Doi Chaang coffee and delicious cookies. Cafe Koh Chang has as well ice coffee, cappuccino, espresso and other coffee specialties for good prices. From the terrace of this Cafe in Ko Chang you can watch the busy main road while you enjoy a delicious hot cup. The section inside is air conditioned and offers internet access and a good location to enjoy your holidays in Thailand. Café de Koh Chang is rightly a leading coffee house in White Sands. The reasonable prices and the friendly service attract many tourists and traveler who don’t want to miss coffee specialties, smoothies and fruit shakes on the elephant island in Thailand.

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Hippie de Bar Khao San Road

hippie de bar

Hippie de Bar Khao San Road

Hippie de Bar Bangkok is a cozy bar on the Khao San Road in Thailand. This open air bar is located in a small soi on Bangkok’s traveler street. The Hippie Bar has all kind of beverages and food. The soft bright and the breezy ambience and the colorful atmosphere make Hippie de Bar to a unique Khao San Road Nightlife experience. Chummy people and friendly waitresses make the Hippi de Bar to this what it is: a leading Bar on Khaosan Road in Bankok. The beverage prices are reasonable and the best choice for an evening with self minded people are the yummy cocktails and draft beer. Hippie de Bar offers as well good western and Thai food. This Bar in Bangkok is a good choice for quiet nightlife in Bangkok. This bar is rightly a leading location for backpacker, locals and tourists on Khao San Road in Thailand.

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