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Berchtesgaden – south Germany – Europe

2001 i was with my father at Berchtesgaden by car. It was the first holiday in Bavaria for me, but not the last. Berchtesgaden is a national park in south Germany close to the border of Austria. The landscapes are dominated by mountains, Forrest and cold but beautiful lakes. Till this travel tour i don´t know how beautiful Germany can be! The people are relax and friendly. In the summer You have allot of beautiful viewpoints over the mountains with tight Forrest and small villages in the valleys.

Mountains at Bavarian

Mountains at Bavarian

This part of Bavaria have many sights and memorials of the WW2 because Adolf Hitler had a residence on the “Obersalzberg”. The eagles nest (ger.: Kehlsteinhaus) is on top of the mountain with a beautiful view of the surrounded mountains, sometimes the view reach till Salzburg in Austria when the weather is sunny. A. Hitler did allot of important meetings with leaders of the SS and other heads of the WW2 here at the eagles nest. Near the “Obersalzberg” is a museum in a old bunker who documentate the time of the second world war for the locals.

Eagles Nest on the Obersalzberg

Eagles Nest on the Obersalzberg

At Bavarian you have many options for walking thrue woods and climbing on walls, the Watsmann for example is famous for wallclimbing. Of the valley of the Watsmann mountain is the Kingslake (ger.: Königssee) where you can make boots tours to a beautiful church with a red roof. The St. Bartholome church is one of the main sights of Berchtesgaden and landmark of the kingslake (Königssee). As well famous is the echo of the walls around the kings lake. On the boatstrip a man blow for a small tip into a bugle and let bang the echo.

Kingslake at Berchtesgarden

Kingslake at Berchtesgaden

The national park Berchtesgaden is a paradise of nature friends! If you are lucky you can see the landmark of Germany the stone eagle while it is huntings mouses and other small animals. There are a lot trekking ways to clime up the mountains or you have on many places the option to take a cablecar or a lift witch brings in winter the sportler on the apex. The villages around Berchtesgaden invite with small glacier rivers and beautie churches for a visit.

Bavarian Church

Bavarian Church

In the evening You can enjoy bavarian draft beer in beergardens, restaurants or in the widespread small pubs in the small cobblestone streets in the center. Many time the “berchtesgadener Hofbraeuhaus” invite to a Bavarian night with draft beer, good German food and people in Bavarian liveries who make traditional dances. In the valleys you will see old Bavarian frame houses decorate with European blooms and flowers. Many guesthouses are family established and most of them still have companion animals. In this kind of hotels they will serve you homemade yoghurt, chease, fresh milk and many more homemade Bavarian dishes.

Alp in south Germany

Alp in south Germany

My result for Berchtesgaden in summer: Nature, nature and again nature! The national park is beautiful and the food, the wheat beer and the hospitableness of the locals is great! This part of Europe is for sure one of the beauties places in Germany. Visit Berchtesgaden and take a priese of the fresh air of the national park. This holiday region have many thinks to visit and to explore, visit here the official homepage.

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  1. Bavaria Germany Sep 14th 2010

    Bavaria is Germany’s largest federal state and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Bavaria is undoubtedly the prime holiday destination in Germany, no matter at what time of the year you come for a visit. Berchtesgaden provides unlimited fun to the tourist. It is famous for its natural beauty. I went on tour to Germany and Berchtesgaden of our stop. It is amazing experience.

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