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Chiang Dao in north Thailand’s Chiangmai province

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Landscapes near Chiang Dao

Landscapes near Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao in Thailand’s Chiang Mai province is a small village which is very famous for the holy caves “Tham Chiang Dao”. Many day visitors and traveler come from Chiang Mai to see the long cave system with many holy Buddha images here in north Thailand. On the entry of the Chiang Dao cave are many shops with food, drinks and herbals. The entry fee was in 2009 20 which is used for electricity for the caves. Some caves like the Thum Pranon have lights so you can walk easily through the old and mystic paths. If you are lucky you can see some bats. For other caves you will need a guide with a gas lamp. The guides here in Chiang Dao know the history and speak good English; the price was 100 Thai Baht for a cave conduct.

Chiang Dao Caves

Chiang Dao Caves

On the way to the main attraction here in this town which is about 80 km away from Chiang Mai you can visit many nice Buddhist temples which invite you for meditations and to make some great holiday pictures of your travel trip through northern Thailand. Accommodation is widespread here in Chiang Doa, direct in town are many guest houses. We slept at Rim Doi Resort a bit out of the city which had clean rooms for a good backpacker price of 350 Baht per night. If you stay longer and want to explore the environment around Chiang Dao in north Thailand than are the Pha Dang National Park and the beautiful Wat Pla That Doi Mornjing nice options for pleasant day trips. The best way to come around is by car or motorbike. You will enjoy the landscapes and the charm of Asia in this non touristic and travel area in Thailand.

A mystic lake in front of the caves at Chiang Dao

A mystic lake in front of the caves at Chiang Dao

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