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Dada Kafe Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fresh Fruits at Dada Restaurant

Fresh Fruits at Dada Restaurant

The Dada Restaurant near Pratu Tha Phae in old Chiang Mai offer healthy food for traveler and tourists. The delicious fruit shakes and lassies made from organic bio fruits will refresh you after a long walk through this historical city in north Thailand. Komputcha Tea and Wheatgrass juice are just some examples of the menu from Dada Kafe in Chiangmai. Many people come as well for the good vegetarian and western food to this small restaurant in Thailand. For lovers of Thai food the restaurant offer some local dishes like Phatthai or Khaopat with your choice of meat or tofu. Not just because of the healthy food is the Dada Restaurant a great location in Chiang Mai. Come here for a coffee and meet people from around the world who travel in this part of north Thailand.


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  1. Yes Dada Kafe is quite good and nice, I like also the breakfast at cool guesthouse Chiang Mai close to Chang Puak gate

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