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Hang Dong, Ban Wan and Ban Thawai villages’ nere Chiang Mai

A handicraft shop @ Ban Tawai

A handicraft shop @ Ban Tawai

The three handicraft villages Ban Tawai, Baan Wan and Hang Dong are on the highway 108 about 15 km out of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The villages are famous for antiques, ceramic and handmade Asian furniture’s made of wood. The streets at Ban Thawai, Hang Dong and Ban Waan are dominated of manufactures where you can watch the artists at work and shops where you can buy carvings and beautiful furniture’s and other handicrafts from Chiangmai in northern Thailand. Around the shops are many parcel operators to sent your souvenirs direct to your home. You have the choice of plane or shipping. If you want to send the goods on surface than it’s mostly necessary that you have at least one cubic meter witch is about 9000 Thai Baht to Europe. The prices for the handcrafts in ban tawai are often cheaper than the cargo but all in all it is still a good deal compared with prices for handmade furniture’s in Europe. For us it was a pleasant and interesting day trip from Chiang Mai, Here at Baan Taawai you can forage in beautiful Asian Art and handicrafts without get bored. For refreshments there are some nice Café’s in this nice village in northern Thailand.


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