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Hockenheim Ring – Speed Way – Germany

The Racing Car of Michael Schumacher @ Hockenheim

The Racing Car of Michael Schumacher @ Hockenheim

The Speedway at Hockenheim in Germany is the most famous racing circuit at Germany. The Hockenheim Ring is located at Baden Wuemberg in Southwest Germany. I have bin here four times till right now, two times (2002, 2003) I watched the formula 1 here on this historical place. In 1999 and 2009 I went here for a concert. In Mai 2009 the Rock’ n Roll band ACDC gave a absolute briliant concert. On formula one races the most visitors stay at the camping ground next to the speedway circuit. The organization was brilliant for the race and the camping. The atmosphere on the camping ground is nice! All people make party, party and again party the whole week till the Sunday of the race. The atmosphere on the tribunes are amazing and the sound of the cars are noisy, yust loud enough for a right racing felling on the ranks! The best way to travel here is by car over the A5 highway or by train to the train station in Hockenheim.  My highlights on the speed way was for sure the victory of the German formula 1 pilot Michael Schumacher and the ACDC concert of the Black Ice Tour in 09.


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