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Khao San Road, Bangkok

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Khao Sarn Road

Khao Sarn Road

The most important Street for Backpackers and Travelers is the Khao Sarn Road, here in this busy part of Thailand’s capital are a lot of guest houses, souvenir and t-shirt shops, massage studio’s, restaurants, bars and pubs.  The main reasons to stay here should be the bright offer for low budget accommodations and the good possibilities to go out and meet other people on travel tour. To Bangkok’s river express which connect Khao San with the sky train and many sights are just a short walk away and it’s perfect to explore this croudy city in South East Asia. Here in this street you can buy nearly everything: driving licenses, suits, shirts, souvenirs… but actually everything what you buy here is a fake or a copy. If you want to buy originals, better you go in one of Thailand’s super shopping malls around “Siam” sky train station. But still you can find here some nice souvenirs or other cheap thinks if you don’t will use it for a long time. The suits witch you can find are actually high quality products, and the t-shirts are a excellent choice for your trips on Thailand’s beaches and for traveling on the mainland of this beautiful Southeast Asian country. All in all I can say that the Khao Sarn Road is a good choice for all Backpackers in Bangkok who don’t know where to stay and like cheap shopping. Many Travel agencies will help to find a travel connection to your next destination in Thailand, book activities like climbing in Krabi or Scuba Diving on Koh Chang and help you to find a guest house in this metropolis in Asia. My choice here in Bangkok is always the Sri Ayuttaya Hostel which is around one kilometer away from Kao Sarn.

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