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Lumphini Park in Bangkok

Lumphini Park in Bangkok

Lumphini Park in Bangkok

The Lumphini Park in central Bangkok is a good possibility to flee from the pollution of this city in Thailand. The Park has a lake and good cultivated grassland which invite tourists and locals to relax, take a nap or read a good book. Lumphini Park is also for jogger a worthwhile destination. The asphalted course is perfect for a run through Thailand’s capital Bangkok. At long the lakes are picnic tables and shops who sell drinks and food. The best time for a visit at Lumphini is in the morning because than the air is fresh (compared to other places here) and there are less people. If you want to come here than you can take the Sky train to Sala Deang or the Metro direct to Lumphini Park. The ride with a Tuk Tuk need mostly more time and is a bit more expansive. There is no admission fee at this quiet place in BKK.


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