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Mork Fa Waterfall, north Thailand

Beautiful twin Waterfalls at Doi Suthep National Park in Chiang Mai!

Mork Fa Waterfall, Doi Suthep

Mork Fa Waterfall, Doi Suthep

This spectacular twin falls are located on the 1095 Highway in north Thailand. The Mork Fa Waterfall belongs to the Doi Suthep National Park in Chiang Mai and is easy to reach on a day trip by motorbike or Car from Chiang Mai. The National Park fee was 100 Baht in 09. The admission fee includes watching the Nam Tok Mork Fa and hike on the nice path through the jungle. In the area around this beautiful waterfall in Thailand you can watch many species of birds. The visitor center is not far from the parking area and gives you some information’s about the nature around Mork Fa and the Doi Suthep Mountain near Chiang Mai. The Waterfall is about 60 meters high and a great model for beautiful pictures of your holidays in northern Thailand. Many backpackers and tourists come with a tour which you can book in any booking office in Chiang Mai. The nature pool in front of the Mork Fa Waterfall is a nice option to cool down of the Asian Sun, so please don’t forget swim wear if you are travel to here.

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  1. I haven’t biked in Vietnam and Cambodia but did lots in Thailand. Great biking corunty friendly people and safe. You’re coming here during the best time in terms of weather also lots of fun, specially Chiang Mai. Enjoy and let me know how it goes. I might still be here when you get here so make sure to stay in touch. Stef

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