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Wat Morntheran Temple, Chiang Mai

The big Buddha image of the Morntheran Temple

The big Buddha image of the Morntheran Temple

The best way to explore the beautiful Buddhist temple “Wat Morntheran” is by taxi, motorbike or by foot. The temple is direct on the north side of the old city ditch of Chiang Mai in north Thailand. You will recognize the Wat Morntheran because of the huge Buddha statue in front of the temple here in Thailand. It is a small but nice temple with many decorations and many things to explore. Not many tourists come here, so you will find some lonely moments to rest and meditate here at Mornteran in Chiangmai. We like this place because of the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful architecture. Please don’t forget to show off your shoes and wear adequate cloth if you go into the Wat, in the main it’s a holy place and not a tourist attraction!

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