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Nid’s Kitchen – Klong Prao – Ko Chang – Thailand

Nid's Kitchen on Koh Chang

Nid's Kitchen on Koh Chang

Nid’s Kitchen is an authentic Thai food Restaurant at Klong Prao Beach on the tropical Island Ko Chang in the Gulf of Thailand. Here by Nid you get a Jamaica Rastafari feeling because of the sandy bottom, the Reggae music, bamboo furnitures and the owner who look a bit like Bob Marley. The small acoiciations on the walls give a great Beach atmosphare. The food is cheap and very delicious here at Nid’s Kitchen on Koh Chang. My absolute favourit dish at Nids Restaurant is the Fried Baracuda Steak with garlic, pepper and rice. The owner and chief of the Restaurant and Pub at Klong Prow Beach is a realy friendly and funny person who like to make jokes, play african drums, dancing to the Reggae Music and make fire shows in front of the Restaurant. I feel always like at home here at Nid’s Kitchen in Thailand, it’s a nice surounding for a Dinner you will never forget. Here you will find the best Baracuda Fish Steak on the Elephant Island in the Gulf. After Dinner you get some fresh fruits and sometimes a Sangsom Rum round who invite you to drink some more Chang or Singha Beers and listen to the chill and Marley music.

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