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Phrae in North Thailand

Phae Meuang Phi National Park

Phae Meuang Phi National Park

The Phrae province in the north of Thailand is one of the less visited provinces in the Kingdom. Just some traveler, backpacker and culture tourists come here to watch the beautiful Asian temple and the Phae Meuang Phi, which is one of the landmarks of Phrae in Thailand. The oldest temple is the Wat Luang from the 12th century. My favorite temple of the Phrae province was the Wat Phra Suthon Mongkon Kiri. You will recognize this great holy place because of the huge reclining Buddha image witch you can see from the highway to Phrae.

Wat Phra Suthon Mongkon Kiri Temple

Wat Phra Suthon Mongkon Kiri Temple

The Phra Suthon Mongkon Kiri temple is a nice daytrip with by motorbike if you stay here some days. Another nice destination for temple fans is the Wat Phra That Cho Hae temple about 10 km out of town which is famous for the Phra Jao Than Jai Buddha. But our highlight on this travel trip to Phrae was the Phae Meuang Phi national park with his pillars of earth and stone which look like huge mushrooms. The Meuang Pi park is easy to reach by taxi, if you want to save money you can go as well with the bus from the bus terminal at the center. Some view points and rest stations invite for a picnic. Inside the town are some possibilities to stay. Thip Vong Place, Paradorn Hotel, Maeyom Palace Hotel and Nakhon Phrae Tower are just some of the accommodation options here in this city in north Thailand. We sleep at a friend in a wooden house a bit out from the historical moat near the market. Prae is a great destination for all people who like temples and beautiful landscapes and a nice travel stop for backpackers on their way through SE Asia. From here you can easy travel to: Lamphun, Chiang Mai, Laos… Have fun and enjoy your backpack tour!

A Buddha @ Phra That Cho Hae temple

A Buddha @ Phra That Cho Hae temple

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