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Siam Cottage – Kai Bae – Koh Chang – Thailand

Siam Cottage Bungalows

Siam Cottage Bungalows

The Siam Cottage Bangalows are the right choice for backpackers and travelers in Kai Bae Beach on Koh Chang island. All simple Bungalows from this guest house in Thailand have a own bathroom. You have the choice between fan and air-condition. The rooms with fan are of course cheaper. The Restaurant of Siam Cottage Accommodation serve Thai- Western food and fresh fruit shakes for a fair price direct on the beach of Koh Chang. From the balcony you have a good view to the small islands like Koh Yuak in the bay of Kai Bae. The sea here is about 29C warm and invite for swimming and snorkeling. I was middle 2008 here in this accommodation on Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand. I paid 300 Thai Baht for a easy Hut with fan and a own Bathroom with toilet. Siam Cottage is a good adress for people who looking for a guesthouse with style. Here you can enjoy your holiday while you chill in your hangmate and read your Lonely Planet travel guide under coconut palms.

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    Great post, I am a big travel fan and my favorite places to stay are in cabins, cottage alike. keep up the great blogging.

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