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Singapore – Asia

When i was middle 2007 for traveling in Malaysia i go for a short trip to Singapore. I took the train from Kota Baru to Singapore city. The trip was around 25 hours and i don´t had a seat because it´s was fully booked. But still it was nice because i was sitting on the open train door and looked all the time to the jungle in Malaysia. When i arrived at the rail station in Singapore i was down and i just want to sleep. The taxi brag me to a guest house witch i found in the lonely planet for southeast Asia. This guesthouse was full so i was going to the “fragerance hotel” in a dormitory. I slept with 7 other backpackers in the small room with stage beds. One night was about 20 US, expansive for southeast Asia but cheap for Singapore . Actual everything is same or more expensive than in Europe.

Skyscraper in Singapore

Skyscraper in Singapore

For public transport Singapore have the “Mass Rapid Transit” underground witch works really good. The stations are widespread and i never wait longer than 5 minutes for a train. In this Asian metropole many things remember on Europe. First at all everything is clean what is unusual for a city in south east Asia and of course the bank skyscraper. The lifestyle of the people is as well close to the life of the Germans. Wake up in the morning, going to the office and enjoy yourself with material things. The people need stupid things and status symbols like big cars and other materials to forget the boring job and the daily grind. The fines for take waste away are high and there are civil controls! For example: a cigarette or a chewingum on street cost 250 US, go out of Singapore with car and your tank is lower than half cost 500US, they find one close box of cigarettes when you come in cost 150US per box… The government do everything to keep the city clean. The cigarettes cost 15US per box and You can´t buy chewing gum in Singapore’s shops. One evening i was in Chinatown for shopping and drink a beer for 10 US per pint.

Chinatown by night

Chinatown by night

My favorite part of Singapore is little India. Little India have many Indian restaurants with yummies curry’s. I can die for it! The Indian markets invite for shopping and the traffic is lower than in other districts. The Irish pub “Prince of Wales” serve cold beer in a nice and more or less quiet beergarden. There is a lot to see in Singapore: museums, temples, church’s, mosques, a zoo and much more. In the “Fort canning park” You can find the “battle box” witch shows Singapore in the WW2 and document the fall in 1942 by the Japanese.

Bloom in Singapore

Bloom in Singapore

At the fort canning park there are some walking ways to forget the fumes and the noice of the metropol.
My result for Singapore: Nice to see but not more! Not just because of the prices i will not come back to the city. Many countries in southeast Asia offer more for me than Singapore. Still its a nice city and a rich state in Asia but to be there once is enough for me because actually i don´t like big cities. That was i saw in the 5 days is that Singapore is just a big metropole with a European touch.

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