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South Africa – Johannesburg/Pretoria

Landscape of South Africa

Landscape of South Africa

In 2000 I traveled with my family to South Africa to visit my grand uncle who lives in Johannesburg. It was my first long distance flight ever. We were flying with South African Airlines from Germany to Johannesburg. We visit many Casinos, Shopping Centers and Restaurants, but my highlight on this holiday was a Safari Park tour by car near the capital Pretoria.  A nice Casino is the round Circus Casino where we lost some money but had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of African wild animals, lions, hippos, ostriches, rhinos, leopards and many more…



But I got as well a bad touch of this part of the black continent; the common crime is a big problem especially in the big cities. Our house was surrounded by a high wall topped by a high voltage electric wire. In many district of Johannesburg it was not possible to stop on a red traffic light. But the holiday areas should be save, please inform yourself before you book your flight . The endless landscapes are beautiful; all in all it was a nice trip around the world. South Africa is one of the beautifulest countries I ever saw in life. The red earth shines in the sun and the rare vegetation insertion in the rest of the landscapes.

Hippos on a Safari

Hippos on a Safari

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