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Thalé Bungalows – Klong Prao Beach – Koh Chang – Thailand

In memories of the paradiese on earth!

Sunset at Thale Bungalows
Sunset at Thale Bungalows

My first time on Koh Chang in Thailand was in August 2006. Marius and I found “KP Huts” in the Lonely Planet Thailand and decide to stay here. When we arrived Ko Chang the taxi driver took us out at the north end of Klong Prao Beach. We walked down south to come to KP huts. Than the Klong Plu river barricade our way to the guesthouse. No bridge to find and back to the road was a long way with our heavy backpacks. After we took a break on the Klong plu of around five minutes, a Thai man comes with a kayak and asked us if he can help us. We was eased that we don´t have to walk back and sayed yes. His name is mum and he bring us over the river, first our back bags than us one by one because his dog was always with on the boat. When we arrived the other side we saw what we are looked for, easy beach huts on the beautiful tropical beach Klong Prao on Ko Chang. We not delayed to check in at Thale Bungalow. Actually our plan was to go up to north Thailand after some days on Chang Island. But here we found the paradise: good friends, good food, good music, good price and a fantastic atmosphere was the reasons that we not left till the end of our holiday in Thailand.

Thale Restaurant
Thale Restaurant

Before we traveled south Thailand with the Lonely Planet travel book but we found no place that was like here. To the next street it was around a half hour by walk, we hang all day around the beach and chilled in the hammock in front of our palm and bamboo bungalow. A half year later i comes back for one month on vacation with my father. After this holiday was clear for me: the life in Europe is not what i want! I don´t need status symbols or manipulation from everywhere, here at Thalé I can be who i am. One month I needed to quit everything in germany: car, apartment, university… Than i flow back to Thailand on Koh Chang. After one year the owner of Thale offer me to build my own Bungalow direct on the Gulf of Thailand.

My first own Bungalow on Koh Chang
My first own Bungalow on Koh Chang

Thale Bungalow was between Barracuda Restaurant and Klong Prao Resort on the other side of Klong Plu River. This beach huts in Thailand stand in no travel guide, because of this fact I was sometimes the onliest “customer” at this beautiful spot in southeast Asia. Many times we had good live music on the beach. Thale was famous for good Blues, Reggae and rock n´roll. The food at Thale Restaurant was delicious and really cheap. A standard Thai dish was about 1 USD. But this was not the main reason for emigrate to Thailand. I felt at home here more than in Germany. My neighbors are most traverlers and they come and go. I stayed till the end of the contract. The highlight on this part of the west coast of Koh Chang was the beautiful sunset which I follow always from my hammock on the beach. It was direct on a headland between a lagoon of the river and the warm sea. Here I started my new life as a scuba dive professional as a Padi Divemaster.

View of a Sunset from Klong Prao Beach
View of a Sunset from Klong Prao Beach

In the middle of 2008 the contract for the rented land end. Siri goes up to north Thailand and start new at Pai with the Stone Free Bungalows. Mum, his brother, have now a bungalow park named Big Elk at Klong Prao on the jungle side where I´m living right now. Big Elk Bungalows are as well really nice with a  unique warm atmosphere like Thale.

The sun goes down in Thailand
The sun goes down in Thailand

Rest In Peace Thalé Bungalow´s, you will be ever in my mind! The people, the atmosphere and the perfect place between Sea and River!

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12 Replies

  1. Maarten Dec 7th 2009

    You’re absolutely right about Thale Bungalows! It really was Paradise on Earth. In 2006 – 2007 we travelled for 6 months around Asia.The first two weeks we stayed at Thale and we searched whole Asia for a place like this. We really hope we can come back to Thailand some day, we had the greatest time there!

  2. Thomas Hougesen Feb 2nd 2010

    WE were at the “hippi” island year 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007
    and we love this island. WE were staying at Aana Resort.
    It is sad to hear that it is over .
    We will visit Mum next time we are at Koh Chang. If you see him – give him our regard. I do think he know us.
    WE lived in Flensburg.

  3. …do I understand that there is no more Thale as the contarct for the land is over?

  4. they’re rebuilding!
    “Budget Beachfront Beds. The newest resort on Koh Chang will be opening it’s doors in the next couple of months. Construction has been underway for a month already on the 10 bungalow beachfront resort located in a prime spot on Klong Prao beach and should be completed shortly. The resort in question is the ‘new’ Thale Bungalows. The old resort closed down 18 months ago, and the aging huts were torn down.”

  5. The New Thale Bungalows are nearly finish! I think in the end of february/beginnig of march everything will be done. I will inform you when the New Thale on Koh Chang celebrate the grand opening party in Klong Prao Beach. :)

  6. Next week is the grand opening party of the New Thale Bungalows. I was speaking yesterday with the new management and i went in the morning to the place between lagoon and the sea and the buildings are nearly done. Enjoy backpacking and holidays on this beautiful stripe of land!

  7. Now it’s official! The new name is The Hut Koh Chang. On the 12th of April 2010 is the grand opening party for the New Thale Bungalows (The Hut). Everyone is welcome to join the party for “The Hut” Bungalows Koh Chang. Enjoy beach holidays and traveling at the New Thale Huts in Klong Prao Beach!

  8. sawaidee May 9th 2010

    hey guys !

    I stayed 6 month in Thale in 2007 , i remember u :) the guy who were living there !

    icame back to thailand end of 2008 but everything was closed and wild, i was so disappointed …

    I visited siri in pai , but tell me about the new thale !!

    is it exactly the same spirit ? ofc not the same team ? with Thu the dog, Mr drink and Co :)

    i ll come back to thailand end of year , ll try it , trying to refund the spirit of this place ..!!

    take care everybody !

  9. Gernot Nov 4th 2010


    i don´t find anything about The Hut in the web…
    I need the location, prices, the types of bungalows!

    Thank you

    greetings from vienna

  10. thomas hougesen Feb 11th 2011

    We have seen the new resort The Hut/ and I must say
    It is not the same / I do not want to use my holiday at this resort in spite the location

  11. I think it’s difficult to compare the Hut to Thale, ther will never a place like the other. Thale was perfect, the atmosphere, the place, the people… But i think you have to see The Hut Ko Cang as a new place and not as the old paradise!

  12. Cathrine Tibbling Apr 23rd 2012

    Me and my husband visit you and your lovely place in january 2005. Now we are about to travel with our all relatives – we are 18 persons. How do I find the price for staying at your place? We would like to stay at your bungalows. The time for our visit is around christmas (19 dec til 4 jan 2013)
    Hope to get an answer from you soon!
    // Cathrine

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