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Wat Jet Yod Chiang Mai

A beautiful Buddhist Monument in Chiang Mai Thailand

Jet Yod Temple Chiang Mai

Jet Yod Temple Chiang Mai

The Jet Jod Temple in Chiang Mai was build under King Tilokarat in 1455. The temple in north Thailand is probably a copy of the Mahabodhi Temple, which itself was a copy of the Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya in India. Wat Jet Yod in Chiang Mai on the Super Highway was 1477 the site of the Eighth World Buddhist council. Today is Jed Jot a famous pilgrim location for believers who are born in the sign of the small snake. As well many international tourists come to Wat Jet Jod temple to visit this site of general cultural interest in Chiang Mai Thailand. The beautiful trees and the grass invite for a pleasant walk. This historical Buddhist temple in Thailand is a nice trip from Chiang Mai for cultural and historic tourists. The Jetjod temple is a unique place of peace in Chiangmai and I can recommend a visit at the temple for all who like to see a historical Buddhist monument in north Thailand.

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