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Mae Hong Son – North Thailand

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Temple in Mae Hong Son

Temple in Mae Hong Son

At the beginning of April 2009 my wife and I was traveling by Motor scooter from Pai to Mae Hong Son in north Thailand. We started at 6:00 am because the trip to the province capital need about three hours and we wanted being back before the Sun leaves behind the Mountains. On the way are many Scenic Areas which offer a great panoramic view over the Asian Highlands. We arrived at about 9:15 at central Mae Hong Son. Our first destination was the Crossroads Restaurant where we did a stop for good breakfast and a delicious fruit shake. After we went to Jong Kum Lake to watch the Wat Jong Kum and the Jong Klang Temple. On the way out of town we stopped at Wat Pha Ang to make some pictures of the beautiful Buddhist Temple. The Temples look a bit different than in other regions like Bangkok in Central Thailand. The Province Capital have many other Temples which you can visit: Wat Hua Wiang, Wat Muay Tor, Wat Phra That Doi Kong on a hill and Wat Phra Non where you can watch a Reclining Buddha Statue.

Temple Drum

Temple Drum

If you want to stay at this Asian City you will find a Guest House or Hotel around the Jong Kum Lake, or read the Lonely Planet Guide. On the way back we was traveling to a Longneck Karen village named Ban Nai Soi which is 15 km out of the city. This was the highlight on this day for me. Before we went back, we drive to the Tham Pla Fish Cave which is on the way from Mae Hongson to Pai. The landscapes here in this Southeast Asian Mountains are amazing, take a look in your Travel Guide and don’t miss this beautiful destination in Thailand.

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