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Old Sukhothai – Thailand – Asia

On our Travel Trip at April 2009 to North Thailand we took a stop in Sukhothai to watch the old Temple ruins at the historical park. For me it was the second time that I Travel to holy ruins in the Kingdom. My first time was on the travel tour 2006 at Ayutthaya near Bangkok.

Old City at Sukhothai

Old City at Sukhothai

We come here by train over Phitsanulok and stayed at the “Old City” Guest House in old Sukhothai. We took a Motorbike at “The Coffee Cup” Restaurant to explore the holy City. Our first stop was the Wat Phra Luang where we watch a huge Buddha statue and the three towers of the Temple wich are build in Khmer stil same the Temples of Angkor in Siem Reap. This holy building was build in the 12th century. From ther we drive to Wat Si Chum where is a 15 meter high sitting Buddha. Than we took a brake and drank some refreshments at a Thai Restaurant on the Main road. After we relax on a lake near the Wat Sa Si. From there we drove back at long Sukhothais biggest temple Wat Mahathat from the 13th century. The last sights for our day in Thailand‘s first Capital was the Wat Trapang Thong, Wat Mai and the National Museum. Back at the old city guest House we took a shower and slept for a while. Than we went to Central Market to catch some delicious Thai dishes. We went early to bed because our Bus to Pai was leaving in the next Morning.

Historical Temple

Historical Temple

The old City of Sukhothai is a nice travel destination for all Backpackers who travel in Asia. The most temples here in Central Thailand are rebuild and in a good condition. For more travel tips ask at a TAT or buy a travel book for Southeast Asia.

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