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Melaka – Peninsular – Malaysia



About 150 kilo meter south of Kuala Lumpur is Malakka Town. The big city in Peninsular have round about 650.000 habitats and the Centre is dominated of buildings from the English colonists, Dutch Traders and Potuguese seafarers. I have bin in Melaka on my Southeast Asia Travel Tour in 2007. In Melaka are many Houses of God from many religious like the Church of St. Peter, Christ Church, Kampung Kling Mosque, Sri Poyatha Venayagar Moorthi Temple and many more. I spent two days at the Tony’s Guest House on my Travel way from Singapore to KL, the Capital of Malaysia. I Arrived over Johor Baru by Bus from South East Asia‘s city State between Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia. For Travel Timetables look inside your Lonely Planet Travel Guide. My Highlight in Melaka was the historical Town Square and Bukit ST Paul which are the oldest Dutch buildings in far east. Now are the Historical, Ethnographic and Literature Museums inside.

A Local from Melakka

A Local from Melakka

The locals are friendly and helpful like everywhere in Peninsular. Special thanks to the owners from Tony’s Guest House for good Travel Tips and insider information about Melaka. An other highlight is the huge Mahkota Parade Shopping Complex close to the Sungai Melaka. In the Northeast of Melakka is a colorful Chinese Cemetry on the Bukit China Hill. From this City in Malaysia’s Peninsular are a lot of International Travel options. From the Batu Berendam Airport for example you have many options to come into the Air Asia Net to explore Southeast Asia. If you are on Budget Tour you have the choice of Public Bus or Traveling by Train to many Destinations in Peninsular, Thailand and Singapore. From Melakka Hourbor two different kind of Jetty ferry’s leaving to Indonesia. But for this connection you need a Visa in Advanced. For more information and Travel options ask in the local TAT Travel Agencies or read your Lonely Planet for Southeast Asia or Malaysia.

A historical Ruin

A historical Ruin

I enjoyed my trip to this historical town in Malaysia. The people are very friendly and Melaka offer a lot sights for Tourists, Backpackers and Travelers. It’s perfect for a Travel stop up to Kuala Lumpur and the Shopping Center offer good possibilities to buy Souvenirs and other stuff like original Watches from high class brands much cheaper than in Europe. At the Center you can be shure that it isn’t a cheap copy how you will find on many places in Southeast Asia.

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