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Sonkran Festival in Thailand

The waterfestival in Thailand is the new year of the Moon calender. The locals celebrate Sonkran on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April every year. Traditional the thais drop some good smell liquit over holy Buddha and King statues at temples and at home. Young Monks “bath” the hands of the older ones to show respect. At this three days in nearly every city in Thailand is a big water festial. If you want to be dry, better you stay at or hotel or guesthouse. The better way is: let your camara, mobile, passport and all important thinks at home and celebrate toghether with the Thai locals the Sonkran Festival. It will be a lot of fun! This year was my 3th Songkran in Thailand. In 2006 I went to Patong Beach on Koh Phuket where the tourists bargirls and backpackers did a big water spectacle till late at night. 2007 I was on Koh Chang at Thale Bungalows, there it was much more relaxter. This year I have bin with my Girlfriend in Pai in Thailands Mae Hong Son Province. All three days we spent at Stone Free Bungalows. Here in the north the hole village will entertain you till you completly wet.The biggest Songkran celebrations are Chiang Mai and Bangkok. This South East Asian Festival is a good possibility to learn something about Thai Culture. If you stay in the middle of April in Thailand, try it out! Buy a Watergun or a bucked and mix yourself under the locals to celebrate the Waterfestival.

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  1. Max + Emili Mar 19th 2010

    The next Songkran festival is coming soon! Nr 13 of April 2010 it starts again for 3days. buy a watergun and enjoy Songkran in Thailand.

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