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Koh Chang Nightlife

Night Life, Girlie Bars, Pub’s, Restaurants and Clubs on Ko Chang in Thailand
Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand has some great Nightlife locations for all likings. Thailand’s 2nd biggest island is not a party stronghold in Thailand but every village on Ko Chang offer some bars and possibilities for go out in night. The main party areas with clubs, bars, restaurants, red light districts and discos are White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach. Lonely Beach is the Backpacker Capital on Chang Island and offers Full Moon and Bucket parties on the Beach. The nightlife scene in Kai Bae grows year by year. Inside and around the Nightlife entertainment complex in Chai Chet are as well bars with sexy Thai Hostesses for a pleasant evening on your holidays.

Bar Girl in Thailand

Bar Girl in Thailand

Nightlife White Sand Beach
White Sands is the party stronghold on Koh Chang Island in Thailand. At Had Sai Kao you will find many Bars, good Restaurants and Parties on the Beach. Oodies Place, Buffalo Bill and Sabay Bar are the most popular destinations for exalted nightlife on White Sand Beach on Koh Chang Thailand. The “Little Pattaya” Bar complex comprised many Bars like the “Pussy Cat Dolls” Bar, “Mankeyto Bar” or “Yes Bar” with sexy Bar Girls and cute Thai Ladies for sexy entertainment and a sweet night on Koh Chang. The most Girlie Bars here have as well Pool Tables to come closer to the Thai Girls by a Pool match. Good Restaurants and other theme bars are widespread on White Sands. White Sand Beach is the right destination for party tourists and nightlife fans on Chang Island in Thailand. “Paddys Palms” Irish Pub has live sports on screen of all big sport and football events.

Sunset in Bang Bao

Sunset in Bang Bao

Chai Chet Night Life
Chai Chet Beach has many choices for a romantic candle light dinner on the tropical beach of Ko Chang. There are nice Restaurants and cozy Beach Bars for contemplative Nightlife in Chai Chet. Next to the entertainment complex on the main road are some Girlie Bars like “Nutty Bar” or “D.D. Bar” with cute Thai Bar Girls for a long night on a Bar. The “Fire Fly Bar” offer as well special Massages in the back of the Bar. Gecko’s Place is a great place for Cocktails, Pool and live sport viewing on Koh Chang.

Nightlife in Klong Prao Beach
“Bar del Mar” and “Nid’s Kitchen Restaurant” are cozy addresses for Nightlife with a tropical flair in Thailand. The most Hotels, Resorts and Guest Houses have as well Restaurants for romantic dinners on the Beach of Klong Prao. “Tiger Hut” Guest House for example has a great Restaurant with Thai and Western food direct on the Gulf of Thailand.

Kai Bae Beach Nightlife
“Rock Sugar” and “Oodies Brothers” are good Restaurants with Beer Garden atmosphere, good food, live music and drinks for night owls in Kai Bae. Fans of Cocktails and exalted night life are right at “Sir Henry Morgan” Pirates Pub where you can enjoy a good kitchen, live music and a typical Thai Fire Show. At the walking street of Kai Bae Beach on Ko Chang are some Bars and Boutiques for a walk after dinner. People who looking for sexy Girls and lightly dressed Thai waitresses are right at “Cats Bar”, “Butterfly Bar”, “Canucks! Bar” or “Sweet Witch Bar” in central Kai Bae.

Kai Bae Nightlife

Kai Bae Nightlife

Lonely Beach Nightlife
Lonely Beach is the center for Travelers on Koh Chang. Many open minded people come from around the world to enjoy the Nightlife on Lonely Beach. “Tree House”, “Ting Tong Bar” and “Nature Bar” are popular night life places for Backpackers in Thailand. “Treehouse” and “Lemon Bar” on the south end of Lonely Beach have special Full Moon events and bucket parties with life music. “Stone Free” is the best choice here for good handmade music. Lonely Beach is full of Bars and Restaurant for donnybrook nightlife on this exotic island in Thailand.

Nightlife on other Beaches on Koh Chang
Nearly every beach on Ko Chang has possibilities to go out after dark for dinner on the beach or for some drinks to let a pleasant day of your holiday behind you. The beaches above are the beaches with widespread nightlife offers but nearly nowhere you have to forswear of a romantic evening with some drinks next to a beautiful beach in Thailand.

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