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Wat Klong Prao Temple Koh Chang

A magnificent Buddhist Temple on Ko Chang in Thailand
Wat Klong Prao is a Temple in Klong Prao Beach. Klong Prao Temple is a famous destination for Buddhist believers who like to render homage Buddha.

Wat Klong Prao Ko Chang

Wat Klong Prao Ko Chang

The colorful main hall comprised a holy Buddha statue. If you visit Wat Klong Prao on Koh Chang early in the morning you can see the monks how they do Buddhist rituals. Very popular are the Songkran and Loi Kratong festivals at Klong Prow Temple. The temple market invite tourists and believers for a pleasant  evening in this holy monument in Thailand. If you like to come to Wat Klong Prao on Ko Chang please respect the standard guidelines for temples. Photographs are basically allowed in temples but please show respect to this holy place and wear adequate cloth and show off your shoes if you enter in a building. Don’t forget that this is basically a temple and not a tourist attraction!

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